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The JPETE Theatre Company exists to strengthen the quality of life in

the City of Houston and surrounding communities by offering a wide

range of performing arts and cultural programming and education.

As a merger of the theatre and the performing arts, The JPETE Theatre

Company aims to create live theatre that educates, enriches and

inspires young audiences and their families of all backgrounds. We also

strive to promote opportunities, in a safe space, for artists to express

themselves through the domains of the visual and performing arts. A

key priority is ensuring the accessibility of theatre to all communities:

from promoting access through education and opportunities, or just

enjoying theatre as an audience member.

our Vision

The vision of the JPETE Theatre Company is one where,

theatre and the performing arts are well-produced

representations of various communities and are

accepted as a steady contributor to a diverse society.

our mission

The JPETE Theatre Company produces and supports

extraordinary theatre and performing arts experiences

that inspire and empower cultural identity, by telling

authentic stories of the African Diaspora.

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Oct. 25-27


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Oct. 25-27


Midtown Art Center 

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Event Details

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The JPETE Theatre Company is made up of Professional actors, singers, playwrights, educators,

visual artists, dancers, musicians and directors. We would love to enhance your event by

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Our History and how you can support

The JPete Production Company was started in July 2014, operating

solely out of Texas Southern University. The company provided an

outlet for TSU Music/Theatre students to gain performance experience.

The first production in December 2014 “A Christmas Jubilee Concert

Series” was a small tour around several local churches as well as the

surrounding community. The following year, in December 2015, we

premiered “An International Christmas Celebration” at the Deluxe

Theatre. At the closing of the show, we immediately went into

rehearsals for “The Retro Revue” which premiered with rave reviews in

June 2016, also at the Deluxe Theatre. On Cinco De Mayo (May 5)

2017, we produced our very first Dinner Show, at Ragu & Pesto Italian

Restaurant to an almost sold out audience.

Your donations help us to achieve our mission by supporting our production of

quality live theatre, as well as providing opportunities and educating our

community in all aspects of the performing arts.


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